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Name: Jackie
Location: Manhattan Ave.
Line: Man walks by and gives one long grunt.
Response: walked away as fast as possible.

Name: Liz
Location: Driggs Laundromat
Line: “You’ve gotta feel this sweater. Know what that’s made of? Boyfriend material.”
Response: “Riiight.”

Name: Meddy
Location: G train Nassau turnstile
Line: “Giiiiiiiirrrrl. DAMN! How tall you? You real tall, you like six feet?”
Response: “oh umm.. Thanks?”
Man: “Yeah..yeah giiirl you don’t even wanna know what I’d do to those limbs!! Nothin no white boy even knows about!!” (Continues yelling)
Me: “oh my god..” running through the turnstile.


Name: Megan
Location: Keg & Lantern
Line: “Hi, I’d like to buy you several drinks.”
Response: “Let’s start with one and see how you do.”

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