After a windy and cold shoot last night, my photo crew warmed up with a great dinner at Paulie Gee’s. When we walked in I couldn’t help but notice the delicious smell of fresh tomato sauce. Paulie said they’d just made a Vodka Sauce, but instead of vodka used Sake. Well that’s a fantastic idea. He gave us a try of the pie, that was topped with mozzarella and basil. It was delicious, less sweet and more deeply flavored and richer than his regular marinara sauce. Before he puts it on the menu he needs to come up with a name, but he needs some help.

That is where you clever readers come in! If he picks the new name of the pie from the comments, you get a free sake sauce pizza pie!

Think, japan, sake, samurai swords, dragons, etc. Good luck!

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  1. The Akira Kurosake

  2. Was there last night enjoying the warmth of the hearth as well! This sounds like a pie to “cheers” to, but in Japanese you say “kanpai!” That makes it the “Kan-pie!”

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