As the Mayan calendar terminates on December 21, 2012, predicting a cosmic transformation of one type or another, Vaudeville Park asks you to reserve your evening on December 20th for a celebration through video of all the good times of the last 5,125 years of our cosmic age, and especially the previous 4 and 1/2 years, during which time Vaudeville Park has been dropping one cultural gem after another on an appreciative Brooklyn Community. VP will be discontinuing the performance schedule at it’s 26 Bushwick space in 2013, and would like you all to come out to toast the end of the big world, and of a precious micro-culture.

Submit your video art now, at the end of time, and for all time.

Please submit a youtube or video link by today. December 14th to vaudevillepark (at) in order to be considered.

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