Greenpointers, as a community we have raised over $10,000 for Sandy Relief Efforts! We raised $9400 for New York Cares and $900 for Greenpoint Soup Kitchen! Great job!

And the fundraising isn’t over! On Wednesday (11/14) we are hosting a Comedy Benefit at Saint Vitus to raise money for AdoptNY.

Then on Sunday (11/18) we are hosting a Soup Bowl Fundraiser at EAT, a fun event we were planning even before Hurricane Sandy arrived for Greenpoint Soup Kitchen.

On Friday, I received a call from Omaha, Nebraska. Chris from paypal alerted me that our account was “limited” verging on “restricted” because it is against policy to sell raffle tickets via paypal as it can be in violation of gambling laws! (Don’t freak out!)

All mention of raffle was removed and we continued to fundraise. After uploading a million legal documents and explaining what we were doing, paypal resolved the matter.


That being said, because I cannot say anymore…

If you receive an email from me, it’s because you are randomly awesome! (Randomly awesome people will NOT be announced on the website.)

Thanks to everyone who donated and may the laws of awesomeness be with you!

Thanks to the following businesses for sending us all those “pretty pictures!

  1. 1917 Skateboards
  2. Adelina’s BK
  3. Antoinette Vintage
  4. Black Rabbit Bar
  5. Boylan’s Bottling
  6. Briskettown
  7. Brooklyn Bowl
  8. Brooklyn Brainery
  9. Brooklyn Cruiser
  10. Brouwerij Lane
  11. Cafe Grumpy
  12. Cat Gilbert
  13. Cato’s Army Navy
  14. Champion Coffee
  15. Clean Plates
  16. Community Markets
  17. Dalaga NYC
  18. Diamond Bar
  19. Domestic Construction
  20. Dusty Rose
  21. Cafe Grumpy
  22. East River Tattoo
  23. Farm to Baby
  24. Fischer Clothing
  25. Five Leaves
  26. Freckle Brooklyn
  27. From The Source
  28. GHSTS NY
  29. Greenpoint Trading Company
  30. Greenpoint Trees
  31. Gristle Tattoo
  32. Heavy Leather NYC
  33. Human@Ease
  34. HYC Creative
  35. I’m So Brooklyn Apparel
  36. Insound
  37. J. Thomas Illustration
  38. Julia James Boutique
  39. Jungle NYC
  40. Kill Devil Hill
  41. Knit One Pearl Two
  42. LiddabitSweets
  43. Lush Candy
  44. Market Publique
  45. Metal Atelier
  46. Mike’s Hot Honey
  47. Milk and Roses
  48. My Moon NYC
  49. My Two Dog’s Inc
  50. Newtown Creek Alliance
  51. Nights and Weekends
  52. On Air Mastering
  53. Paulie Gee’s
  54. Peacock & Pineapples
  55. Pentatonic Music
  56. Sage On Graham Ave
  57. Sindicato de Cocineros
  58. Skinny Fatties
  59. Slowfax
  60. The Splendid Spoon
  61. Sprout Skincare
  62. TBD
  63. The Box House Hotel
  64. The Desk Set
  65. The Habitat
  66. The Kings of Karaoke
  67. the one well
  68. The Parlour Brooklyn
  69. The Richardson
  70. Triple Canopy
  71. Upright Coffee
  72. Usha Veda
  73. Usha Veda Yoga
  74. Vinyl Pop Art
  75. Weft and Warp
  76. With Roots
  77. Word Brooklyn
  78. Milk and Roses
  79. Morris Kitchen
  80. Two Arms Inc.

Email me with questions: greenpointers (at)

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