On #Sandy: From Fr. Merz’s latest “In Touch” – Please read and consider sharing:

“I think it is worthwhile to appreciate how dis/reorienting events like these can be for each us, these cataclysms. They may remind us of the contingency and frailty of human life and that our anchors of security are finally without weight. Along with this present event–the fact of Sandy– other distant pains and memories seemingly unrelated may be dredged up to the surface of our consciousness. All this points toward death as reality and signifier of all we are and know, and that in time, all life, all stasis must, will and does end. Somewhere in the disorienting haze of such a basic human awareness floats the strange and almost absurd sign of the cross, the Sign of Jonas.
3 days. The 3 faces of time. Past Future and Eternity. The bones of this idea are displayed in the Gospels in that ineluctable march of Jesus and his band of happy fools lurching toward Calvary and they receive flesh when we live with soulful love, even in the midst of our current blindness. There is togetherness and connection; loss, betrayal and death; finally that mystery of deeper being and life we so blithely tame and name as Easter. We are being conformed to this reality day by day.

Keep reaching out and find ways to help and pray for those who suffer any need.”

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