Hurricane Sandy is expected to reach the area Tuesday, catching up with some other messy weather systems and sticking around for Halloween in what dramatic meteorologists are calling a Frankenstorm. Damage is estimated to be in the billions.

Don’t panic. Figure out if you are in an evacuation zone, then determine where you will go if the city calls for an evacuation.

If you live in Greenpoint or Williamsburg your home may be in an evacuation zone, with those of you closest to the Easter River at the most risk of flooding. The best thing to do is know what zone you are in A, B, or C, with A being the most likely of damage.

If the city deems it necessary for you to evacuate, find a friend who is not in an evacuation zone or go to an Evacuation Center.

Are you in an evacuation zone? Type your address here or Call 311 or check out this map.


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