All everyone talks about is apple pie, but I have been traumatized in my attempts to make crust! It’s so hard and while it always tastes great, it looks horrible. If anyone wants to take me under their wing and teach me how to make a good pie crust – I am all yours. Or I’ll just walk down the block to Pie Corps and pick up a pie.

In the meantime, when we have buckets if apples, I make this recipe for Traditional Viennese Strudel! It is somewhat more complicated to make than pie crust and takes more time, but it’s a lot more forgiving.

It’s not too sweet and requires not much sugar, but it’s definitely heavy on the butter, and I’m not complaining!

I originally made this for a post called Deutschen Nacht (German Night) at my blog Morta Di Fame, which has some other yummy traditional German recipes.

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