Every year, St. Stan’s Athletic League organizes a local 5K run which takes place throughout many of the major streets of Greenpoint to help fund their school program.  Now in its 20th year, the “Get To The Point” 5K has gotten bigger and better with each round. All racers receive chips which will track their race time down to the millisecond, but not everyone participating will be tracking their time so fastidiously.

Organizers of the race along with students participating in the "Get To The Point 5K" race. Photo by Matt Glasson.

Having participated in two of the 5K runs myself, I can tell you what a joy it is to run along the empty streets of Driggs, Franklin and Manhattan Ave.. All traffic gets closed off of the race route (just as it does during the marathon in November) – that alone makes the $20 entry fee worth the price of admission.  Even if you’re not a regular runner and are up for the walk, it’s a great way to experience Greenpoint that is not often possible.

In addition to the race, participants all get their very own “Get to The Point” 5K t-shirt and are welcome to attend the afterparty held at St. Stan’s gym auditorium. Food and drink are served at the afterparty (typically burgers, hot dogs and pizza – y’know – fitness food!) Last year, the Brooklyn Brewery donated a dozen cases of beer, much to the relief of the 21-plus racing crowd.

Race organizer Frank Carbone works the crowd into a frenzy at the 5K afterparty celebration. Photo by Matt Glasson.

The afterparty is a trip in and of itself as the auditorium fills up with a wide array of local flavor and trophies get handed out for the winners of the race. In addition, they hold other contests for prizes donated by various local sponsors. The race manages to attract both young and old and the diehards from the North Brooklyn Runners. Registration can be done online in advance or on race day, though the cost is $5 more and you aren’t guaranteed a t-shirt!

Get To The Point 5K
Sunday, October 14 @ 1 PM


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