If you rolled by McCarren Park (at Berry and North 12th) last Friday night, you probably saw this glow-in-the-dark spectacle. Meet the McCarren Park Kickball Crew. It started off as a school project and has since become a regular outing for a group of Brooklyn friends. Think this sounds like too much fun? Well, it is! And the best part is, the Crew’s open to the public! If you’re interested in joining, check out the Facebook page for updates on the next game.

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  1. I just came from diehipster for alittle entertainment, which led to this post; before that, I was reading a great article about geomagnetic resonance and how it affects the human brain on a global scale. I see 30-somethings playing kickball in the dark, and I compare and contrast between the two. On one side, I see a genuine and very important contribution to society, and on the other I see pedantic narcissism.. badly documented.

  2. OK, let me see if I got this right… 50 years ago, when I was in grade school, kickball was the game for kids who had no athletic ability and/or coordination, and now it is being played at night by adults who are wearing glow sticks. Tell me this isn’t a thing. This only happened that one time when everybody decided to take some LSD, right?

    1. people sit in front of television sets and watch grown men and women play sports, sports that we all played as kids – what does it matter which kind of sport it is? ALL sports are ridiculous when you really think about it. it’s more ridiculous that many professional players make in one year enough to feed entire third world countries! but it’s an atrocity that some friends play kickball in a park. i don’t even know where you are going with the LSD thing. there are kickball leagues. my church – greenpoint reformed church plays kickball every weekend. and they are not on LSD!

      1. Sport? Kickball is a game for the kids who who didn’t have enough athletic ability to participate in real sports. And if kickball leagues are an actual thing, then Ron F’ing Swanson save us all! Truly, this is the pussification of America. As to the LSD comment, you play with glow sticks and the photos are obviously meant to evoke the psychedelic experience – don’t play stupid.

        I didn’t say it’s an atrocity; I asked why is it that grown men are still doing this. Why aren’t these guys humping a ruck and an M-4?

  3. I really don’t see what’s wrong with adults wanting to blow off some steam by playing kickball with friends. And in regards to this particular night, it was just a fun thing they all wanted to do for their friends’ birthdays. So everybody, calm down.

    1. Oh, I’m calm. I don’t get worked up over adults playing childrens’ games. But it’s sad to see that our culture is becoming one of perpetual childhood. And no, I’m not talking about so-called hipsters; I’m talking about the culture of child worship that produces adults who who still try so hard to get attention. And keep in mind, kiddies young and old, you will all be living on a planet ravaged by violent weather extremes you can’t even begin to imagine. Keep having more babies, and keep having “fun.”

      1. I am not angry. I am baffled as to how it is that we got here. Seriously, I am not angry. This does not make me angry. I aint even mad. Why u mad?

  4. I see another permutation of the hipster disease, haphazardly adopting bits and pieces of a once rich cultural center gutted by contrivance and over-avalability, in an attempt to hide how aimless and boring their day to day lives are. When everything is handed to you on a silver platter and become desensitized by a cultural stimulus you take for granted and don’t try to understand, you hack out a mawkish parody of it for yourself to indolently parade around in. Like a bunch of bearded guys playing kickball in the fucking dark with glowsticks, like fingerpaint art galleries.

    1. it’s one thing to have an aimless and boring day to day life – it’s another thing to harshly consider others’ aimless and boring day to day lives – and so eloquently.

  5. Walking by from across the street i see children playing a kids game. Also it looks pretty QUEER. MEN playing kickball wearing glow in the dark Necklaces and bracelets at night. You would never see this shit back in the 80’s. …and Poster: “Stephanie K” why do these hipsters need to “Blow of some Steam”? They hardly fucking work. –This article sucks:

    1. Yeah, actually, I know everyone of those people and they all have full-time careers. But you know, continue making assumptions and being critical of other peoples’ lives. It’ll serve you well in the future.

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