Opening Night of The Greenpoint Film Festival

Last night was the opening night celebration of The Greenpoint Film Festival which took place at the Greenpoint Garage on Huron Street off of Manhattan Ave. The festival kicked off with a standing-room only screening of the documentary “Deaf Jam” about a deaf girl (Aneta Brodski) who gets involved with performing ASL poetry in her high school. It was a highly effective film in exploring and giving a voice to those who are stripped of their basic sense of hearing and their struggles to find their own voice through performing signed poetry.

Festival Director Rosa Valado introduces the festival's first film, "Deaf Jam"

A Q&A followed the screening, which was simultaneously being signed to the audience, many of whom were deaf themselves. The film’s subject, the beautiful and passionate Aneta Brodski, was also in attendance and she was signing her answers and stories to an interpereter who would speak for her. It was a fascinating experience and one that I will not likely forget anytime soon.

Deaf Jam filmmaker Judy Lieff (center) and subject Aneta Brodski (right) during the Q&A following the screening

The festival is playing through Sunday, Sept. 23. For schedules and showtimes, go to their website

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