Listen to Greenpointers’ first podcast when I interview Lincoln Restler who is up for reelection as State Committeeman for the 50th Assembly District for the Democratic Party in Brooklyn, which includes Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, and Wallabout. (I don’t know what Wallabout is.)

Greenpointers Podcast #1-Lincoln Restler

The election is tomorrow, so if you are a democrat make sure you get out and vote!

In the podcast, we talk about what Brooklyn means to Lincoln, his role as State Committeeman, the current state of the Democratic Party in Brooklyn including the controversy surrounding Vito Lopez, the environmental issues in Greenpoint and how we can clean-up our neighborhood, the homeless shelter on McGuinnes Blvd and the homeless population here, and the waterfront development and it’s impact on our sense of community.

I would like to thank Annie Russell, who is an audio and podcasting genius and made this possible!


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    1. Josephine, tomorrow is the primary election — not the general election (which is held the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November). In New York State, only those who are registered with a party are allowed to vote in primaries. Democrats vote in the Democratic Primary (they can’t vote for a Republican), and Republicans vote in the Republican Primary (they can’t vote for a Democrat). After the primaries decide the people who will represent their respective party, then the general election is held in which anyone can vote for whomever.

      Therefore, the people who are supporting Lincoln Restler are Democrats by definition because no one else can vote for him. He’s the incumbent against Chris Olechowski (also a Democrat). If you’d like to know more background about this race in particular, head here.

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