For the disorganized at heart, Instagram is a great way to organize photos as sets. Our cat has the cutest little feet and sits on the radiator, so I tag each shot #radiatorpaws and can view them as a set. Instagram buddies have also been catching their feline roommates on the radiator and doing the same with their photos, so we are building an obscure Brooklyn cat photo library.

You can even create sets with friends. When Jon and I recently visited Florida we gave a unique hashtag #jenjongainesville2012 to each photo and asked friends we visited to use the tag. Tonight, we are heading to a wedding and the bride and groom cleverly have asked all guests to tag photos from their wedding with a unique hash tag. I bet you they will enjoy these photos as much as the professional shots they receive in 3 months.

Instagram just rules! Remember to follow @greenpointers and tag #greenpointers for any Greenpoint related photos you want to appear on Sunday Snaps.

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