Normally I must stay away from all animal rescue organizations (psychiatrist’s orders) because I am such a teary eye mess that I want to take them all. I have a tendency to hoard the lost and injured and have rescued squirrels, doves, sea gulls, one eyed cats, raccoons, three legged dogs, etc.
One of my goals for Greenpointers is that it can serve as an online haven for rescue groups to help with pet adoptions and lost and found.
I tried very hard to look away but after hearing Dexter’s story then seeing him in a handsome bomber jacket, I couldn’t help it and fell in love!
Bea, from Dog Habitat, rescued him from a shelter. He was malnourished and underweight but she saw a super personality in a little dog body. It became their job to fatten him up (doctor’s orders) which wasn’t hard because he loves hamburgers!
Sadly, after a few visits to the vet’s office they found that Dexter has thyroid cancer. Fortunately it is not causing him any pain and he is receiving a natural form of chemotherapy. And if they succeed at making him chubby enough, they may be able to remove it.
Regardless of his prognosis, the Dog Habitat family is dedicated to keeping Dexter comfortable and happy for as long as he lives.
You can help! Dexter loves dogs and people and you can go visit him at District Dog where he hangs out with Bea and greets customers.
You can also make a donation towards Dexter’s care here.
To read more about Dexter, click here.

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