ex. interiors photography © J.Galatioto

“I’m gonna call for you,” is what I said when I would ring a friend’s doorbell and invite myself inside to play. Greenpointers wants to come to your house and play, too. Amazing set stylist Julie Feldman is interested in documenting “your personal, the nooks and crannies, the collected ephemera and the everyday moments of your life.” And I will photograph it!

Do you have weird collections? Are your couches covered in plastic? Are your walls painted neon orange? Do you have antiques or unique vintage items? Maybe you have a jacuzzi in your living room? A basement bar? Are you an art collector? Is your space modern or a historical home? Does your living space double as a work or creative space?

The Greenpointers is interested in you and how you live. If you want to share your personal style with us, take a few photos of the interiors of your home (cell phone pics suffice) and email greenpointers (at) gmail.com. Julie and I will come for no more than an hour, at a time of your convenience and professionally style and photograph your home.

Julie’s Website: J. Hollis Styles

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