Spring was in the air…wait, it’s mid-October!  I would enjoy it while it lasted…if you’ve lived here long enough you know things change fast, like style! It was Saturday and I didn’t know what to wear.  Looking out my window it was beautiful. I checked my mac’s dashboard – beautiful. Really?  Could I trust this?  Would I make it to evening with a little top and bare legs if I didn’t come home to change?  I left.

I met Viva on the street…she was looking like she had some major spring fever!

L: Hi Viva! What do you do?
V: Filmmaker/dancer, vocalist in The Crystal Ark (w Gavin Russom) and partner to Desi Santiago in perf art/house music duo Escandalo.

L: What’s your favorite thing about Greenpoint?
V: Polish people, bicycles, midnight sun recording studio (where we are rehearsing- home of Jessica 6 and Midnight Magic)

L: Where are you from?
V: Ecuador and Jamaica Queens: Ecua-Yorker? EquaYorquina

L: What are you wearing today?
V: Something I picked up in a 2 euro bin in Berlin secondhand store when I was touring with Big Art Group. Easy breezy with some color and flowers, I like.
L: What’s your favorite piece to wear nowadays?
V: 3 things: a copper jaguar ring gifted to me by the brilliant Stanley Love (choreographer and witch), gold Jesus name plate for father spirit connection, and number one thing is my dad’s gold ring with incan designs for the love connection to roots of all kinds.

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