In case you were wondering why every Polish American neighbor was wearing red and white and evacuating Greenpoint for Manhattan today, waving flags and blowing horns, its because it was the Pulaski Day Parade. Two handsome young men walking toward the train told me the parade runs along 5th avenue and celebrates the Polish community and culture in NY.

Who is Kazimierz Michał Wacław Wiktor Pułaski after whom the Pulaski bridge and today’s parade is named? According to Wikipedia: “Pulaski was a military commander for the Bar Confederation and fought against Russian domination of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. When this uprising failed, he emigrated to North America as a soldier of fortune. During the American Revolutionary War, he saved the life of George Washington[4] and became a generalin the Continental Army. He died of wounds suffered in the Battle of Savannah. Pulaski is one of only seven people to be awarded honorary United States citizenship.”

He sounds like a badass to me.

More info on the parade and General Pulaski can be found at the Pulaski Day Parade Website.

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