Spotted this pic on Facebook this morning – Greenpointer Greg M. snapped this shot of the East River Ferry’s “Area Attractions”. Lucky spots like Paulie Gee’s, Brooklyn Label, Black Rabbit, Unleash Brooklyn, Permanent Records, and Habitat are featured on the map. My favorite part is how they spelled Brooklyn (in “Brooklyl Label”) wrong… Really? Doesn’t anyone proofread these things?


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    1. Yeah, I know. Odd choice. Perhaps they wanted a little bit of everything? I definitely think Alter and/or Dalaga should’ve been in there. Or Red Star for sure being located on West.

  1. Regardless of typos and the fact the the Greenpoint terminal was the only one not completed on my route from Greenpoint to Wall St (Williamsburg had bunting we had orange hazard fencing) it was 100% more fun than taking the subway and shaved 20 minutes off my normal commute (even though I had to walk from Wall St up to my office)

    Pity I can’t seem to afford $140 a month for a hilarious happy long time ferry relationship but two weeks will do.

  2. I took the ferry home yesterday as well, thought it was super fun. It didnt actually save me any time in my commute, but didnt add any either. Plus I really enjoyed it. I also will take advantage for the next 2 weeks, but I doubt I will be a regular full paying customer.

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