Week four: “Glass Greener” – an all-purpose disinfecting spray cleaner everything glass.

To make this you will need:
– One 16 oz. spray bottle (I used a Mrs. Myers one)
– ½ cup vinegar
– 1 ½ cups water
– A few drops of essential oil*

*Essential oil is optional but it helps cut the vinegar smell. (See weeks 1 and 3 if you need help picking an oil.)

1. Put all ingredients in the bottle, swirl around, and spray away. Be careful not to add too much oil it could make streaks. Fun Fact: Vinegar kills up to 98% bacteria, germs & odors in 60 seconds!


2. When cleaning glass I like to spray the surface of the glass not the cloth or newspaper.

3. Optional: rip off the old the label from your spray bottle and make your own. To remove the sticky residue you can use Citrisolv. More on that amazing product later.

A word about cloths vs. newspaper:

Cloth: We like using a micro-fiber cloth that is specifically used for window cleaning or a lint-free rag.

Newspaper: For those of you who don’t know, newspaper works great for cleaning glass. I like it better than cloth. If you are going to use it be sure to crinkle it up and rub it together in your hands before you start this helps keep the ink in place. Also avoid light colored painted walls and sills as the ink from the paper might transfer. If this happens don’t fret it come right up with a cloth.

TEAM CLEAN NYC, is a full service green cleaning company for residential and commercial spaces. We are holistic in our approach to business and value educating people about green cleaning as much as we like cleaning for our clients. In that spirit, I have teamed up with Greenpointers to bring you a few of our favorite Green (cleaning) Pointers.

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