Back in November of 2009 Kea wrote a post on a new addition to the neighborhood – The Halcyon Gourmet. A few months ago they moved from their tiny storefront to a bigger spot on Banker Street.

Right now, Halcyon is dine out only. You can order take-out from a pre-set menu or discuss catering options for pretty much any event. Really. ANY event. They will rock it.

According to owner Maria the Executive Chef (partner Archie is the Creative Director), they’ve been doing gigs from allover the tri-state area. It seems they’ve been working on a kickass word-of-mouth and I can see why. The food is delicious!

halcyon [hal-see-uhn] -adj. : peaceful; tranquil; idyllic; carefree

 I have to really RAVE about the soups though. All homemade and they’re always changing! You really don’t realize how many lunch joints are feeding you canned soup. What’s awesome about Halcyon is you can call in the morning, find out what soups they’re offering, order a quart for the week and pick it up on your way home.

February’s special sandwich in honor of the Met Opera’s production of NIXON IN CHINA is The Hoison Short Rib Bun. Chinese 5-Spiced, Hoisin-Braised Beef Short-Rib with Fennel & Daikon Slaw on a soft bun. The beef short-rib is just seriously bursting with flavor.


I spent a good chunk of time chatting up Maria and JV and they were just awesome people. Even though Halcyon is located in Greenpoint, they are doing business allover. I plan on ordering from them for my next all staff meeting and I’m on 14th Street in the city. I’m sure they’re going to knock it out of the park and make me look great to the staff who are pretty bored with my repetitive wrap platters from the overpriced corner market…

The Halcyon Gourmet
202 Banker Street
NY 11222-2873
(718) 349-2882

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