Greetings fellow Greenpointers! I’m back with a new tip and this one is truly minimal.

Week Two: Stain-A-Lot-Steel Polish!

(Get it? Olive Oil)

To clean and polish your stainless steel you will need the following:
-one soft cotton rag (like a kitchen towel)
-olive oil

1. Apply about a table spoon of oil to your rag and rub the surface to polish. Be sure to rub with the grain of the steel for best results. Apply more oil as needed. Start with a little oil, because for obvious reasons, this could get messy and a little goes a long way. You will be shocked at how well this works.



As always this weeks tip is brought to you by TEAM CLEAN NYC, a full service green cleaning company for residential and commercial spaces. We are holistic in our approach to business and value educating people about green cleaning as much as we like cleaning for our clients. In that spirit, we have teamed up with Greenpointers to bring you a few of our favorite Green (cleaning) Pointers.

As a minimalist and a realist, we are presenting a serious of 6 simple tips/recipes that will make life EZ, reduce your carbon footprint, save your lots of money and get the toxic chemicals out of your home. I’ll be posting once a week from now until the first joyous day of spring. So, let the spring cleaning begin!

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