My name is Megan and I am co-founder and co-owner of TEAM CLEAN NYC, a full service green cleaning company for residential and commercial spaces. We are holistic in our approach to business and value educating people about green cleaning as much as we like cleaning for our clients. In that spirit, I have teamed up with Greenpointers to bring you a few of our favorite Green-cleaning-Pointers.
As a minimalist and a realist, I present to you a serious of 6 simple tips/recipes that will make life EZ, reduce your carbon footprint, save your lots of money and get the toxic chemicals out of your home. I’ll be posting once a week from now until the first joyous day of spring. So, let the spring cleaning begin!
Week One: “Home Brew”: An all-purpose disinfecting spray cleaner
To make this you will need:
-One 16 oz. spray bottle (I used a Mrs. Myers one)
-1 tablespoon of Dr Bronner’s Magic classic liquid soap in lavender
-1/2 cup hydrogen
peroxide (yup the stuff you put on your cuts)
-1 cup water
1. Put all your ingredients in the bottle, swirl around, and spray away.
2. (Optional) rip off old the label and make your own. To remove the sticky residue you can use Citrasolve. More on that amazing product later.
*For those of you who care to know, here’s a brief word about how and why this “Home Brew” works.
Lavender essential oil: Lavender has antibacterial properties first recognized in France when workers in the lavender fields did not contract tuberculosis. Lucky for us, Dr. Bronner’s soap has real essential oils!
Hydrogen peroxide: This fizzy guy is a non-chlorine bleach that means that it eliminates stains and whitens stuff all without compromising colors. It also acts to destroy the cell membranes of small organisms like bacteria and fungi.
Water: Aside from being good for you it is the worlds best solvent. Look at the Grand Canyon if you need proof.
Next week Stain-a-lot-steel…

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