About a year and a half ago, the NYTimes featured a house in the Catskills and the article followed the work a Brooklyn couple had done on their little country home using a good deal of creative thinking and a very small budget. I specifically remember this article since the couple was from Williamsburg and they spent under $2500 in decorating from places like thrift shops and scouring Craigslist.

The couple Christina Salway of ElevenTwoEleven Design & John Moskowitz sent me an email about their latest project – their Williamsburg apartment!

My husband and I are at it again, this time we’re in the throws of renovating our apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and have begun the exciting process of documenting our progress with a blog called: After Dinner Design. The concept is basically that John and I both work full-time Monday through Friday jobs here in Brooklyn, so we’re completing the entire renovation ourselves, every evening from 8:00 until midnight, hence the title: After Dinner Design.

This is sure to be an interesting progression and it’s perfect for people like me who always want to take on a project like this but instead just sit at my computer all day and drool over those before and after photos.

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