photo courtesy Helen Pearson

North Brooklyn is teeming with freelance creatives and independent workers. Graphic designers, writers, journalists, illustrators, website developers and the like often spend their days isolated in their “home office” rockin’ pajamas and a hot cup of coffee. No Big Brother corporate meetings, no annoying co-workers, no commuting 45 minutes on the G train, and no waiting in line for a soggy sandwich at Korean bodegas. The life of a freelance worker sounds ideal until you consider unsteady income and the constant search for new gigs. Also we need to consider that working independently can be goddamn lonely and isolating.

This lack of social interaction, community building, skill sharing and all around cho-chumming has inspired Sara Bacon, president of the design firm Command C, to open a communal workspace for these office-less lone rangers as a means to “nourish community in a beautiful and professional environment while fostering individual work.” Greenpoint CoWorking opened 2 weeks ago and when taking a peek inside I felt immediately comforted by the clean row of table space, a fully functional kitchen, a dining table/meeting area, a reading corner equipped with 2 giant almost-too-comfortable fatboy cushions. On top of it all there was a shy little dog named Sushi who greeted you at the door.

photo courtesy Helen Pearson

Prices range on levels of commitment, which includes a $25 drop ins and a $250/month “dedicated community member” where you’re reserved a deskspace all to yourself.

I’m super excited about the prospect of Greenpoint CoWorking’s joining a community of creatives and hope all you lonely folks out there will take advantage of this opportunity to work and mingle, in that order.

Greenpoint CoWorking
240 N. Henry St #1B
Brooklyn, NY 11222


Open Mon – Fri from 10 – 5:30

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