I love this idea as a gift for dog owners! Everyone loves a dog who does tricks, but many people don’t know how to begin training their dog to do so. Friend to the Furry is the solution!

Friend to the Furry, a pet services business based out of Greenpoint, has created a brand new gift idea for dog lovers this holiday season. The company is offering gift certificates, which give the recipients of this unique gift two sessions to work on teaching their dog a new trick with the help of a certified dog trainer. The two sessions cost a total of $65, a steal when compared to the cost of two regular dog training sessions.

Jen Strum, the trainer who owns Friend to the Furry, had this to say about this holiday offering: “It is rare for people to be able to call upon the help of a trainer to teach their dog tricks, yet it is something that many dog owners are not able to do on their own, and would really like to do. Most dog training consultations deal with behavioral issues and obedience behaviors that must be addressed, but these sessions give pet owners a chance to do something fun and have a bonding experience with their dog.”

The gift certificates are available on the company’s website, http://www.friendtothefurry.net/ and come packaged inside of a greeting card decorated with adorable holiday-themed images of cartoon dogs within a decorated envelope, but the real value is in the experience and the results that come from the training sessions.

Friend to the Furry’s trick sessions are available in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The company also offers behavioral training consultations in Brooklyn and Manhattan, as well as dog walks, daytime training sessions, pet sitting and a service for high energy dogs combining walks with positive reinforcement and clicker training for dogs in Brooklyn.


Friend to the Furry
Greenpoint, Brooklyn

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