Usha Veda Yoga is one of Greenpoint’s newest yoga studios. Located conveniently in the up-and-coming stretch of northern Manhattan Avenue between Freeman and Boxer Streets (right beside Champion Coffee), the studio boasts a bright and clean space with a welcoming atmosphere.

A variety of classes run each day, starting as early as 6:45 am and running as late as 10 pm on weekdays. I had the pleasure of trying out Wednesday’s Pilates Yoga class and was pleasantly surprised by the immense amount of energy the instructor had as well as the number of eager yogis that showed up to work out with me. The instructor made sure to not only guide us through the moves, but to also let us know which part of our body we were toning and helping in which way at any given time. Her knowledge of anatomy was impressive and her positive attitude kept my abdominals from giving out on me. On top of all this, laid-back tunes from Neil Young and The Band were playing on the stereo. Talk about my kind of place!

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or are just starting out, now’s your chance to give Usha Veda Yoga a try with their Holiday Sale happening now until the end of December:

Yoga membership:
Unlimited Month $99
3 Months/$270
6 Months/$500

Mysore Ashtanga Membership:

3 Months 3x/wk month/$400
3 Months Unlimited/$500

*Ok to add to your existing membership

See their full schedule and visit their website for more information.

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