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  1. My aunt lives across the street and I know it's been closed FOREVER, though I do remember when it was open it wasn't anything special. I'm just so surprised it's been left there for so long.

  2. I was just trying to peek through the gates of this place the other day — a bunch of greasy restaurant equipment, frozen in time. Such a waste — I wonder if anyone knows who owns it or if it's up for rent? It's a great location and I find it so weird that a place like that can be shuttered for so long. Hope you get some tips on this!

  3. It seems to be more special closed than it probably was when it was open. And yes it certainly does make one wonder why no one has come in and done the hipster treatment on it and turned it into a wine bar.

  4. My parents, Eva and Joseph Ippolito used to own the business a while back and owned the property until 2016. Before that they were located by 106 Norman Avenue across from the library. They closed the business shortly after 9/11.

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