The Mona Lisa Deli-Restaurant at the corner of Meserole and Guernsey Street. Does anyone out there remember when it was open and what it was like inside? It’s been closed since I moved to Greenpoint in ’02…

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  1. I was just trying to peek through the gates of this place the other day — a bunch of greasy restaurant equipment, frozen in time. Such a waste — I wonder if anyone knows who owns it or if it's up for rent? It's a great location and I find it so weird that a place like that can be shuttered for so long. Hope you get some tips on this!

  2. My parents, Eva and Joseph Ippolito used to own the business a while back and owned the property until 2016. Before that they were located by 106 Norman Avenue across from the library. They closed the business shortly after 9/11.

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