Tonight marks the launch of a weekly dance jam called No Lights No Lycra.

It takes place inside a dimly lit church where attendants are encouraged to do nothing but dance in the dark. It’s an ingenious alternative to dancing in clubs where intoxicated douchebags come aplenty and shorts skirts and heels make for an eyesore. Nothing will come between you and your beats. Ladies won’t be accosted by an ugly drunk fellow as there is neither alcohol or enough lighting to actually see each other. And men won’t feel the pressure to tap their wallets to get a girl to dance with them for the same reasons stated above.

Creepily but awesomely enough, this is a pure and spiritual experience, releasing that urge to shake and doing it without dealing with the social nuances of dancing in public. I’m personally super stoked about this as it allows me to do what I do at home alone, fist pumping and booty shaking with complete freedom, but with better sound and music and within a community of fellow dance freaks.

Can’t wait!

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