I’ve written about the local basketball team the On Point Cyclones quite a few times. They’ve been looking for help from the community for the last couple of years and I got an amazing email from Steve Murphy of Kings Destroy yesterday that just made my day.

Hi Justine,

It’s Steve Murphy from Kings Destroy and I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that you have made a difference in Greenpoint and here is how.

You wrote a piece awhile back on the St Cecilia’s youth basketball team, the On Point Cyclones. My band mates and I took it to heart and got in touch with Anne Pinto. And to make a long story short, our band has raised money for the team and now officially sponsors them.

We are a new heavy rock band from the neighborhood but have our roots in NYC underground music for quite some years. Here’s a link to our MySpace page and a recent write up.

This teaming up between Kings Destroy and the On Point Cyclones most likely would never have come about had you not written your piece on them. Congrats and well done.



I sincerely just cannot even believe that Greenpointers was able to help in this instance and I’m thrilled that a local team is being sponsored by a local band. It just seems like a perfect fit.

More info on the band:

Kings Destroy have a forthcoming EP they will self-release on iTunes and 7” format – May 25, 2010. The band is comprised of various NYHC, and punk acts’ members (Killing Time, Uppercut, Electric Frankenstein).

Steve Murphy – Vocals (Uppercut)

Carl Porcaro – Guitars (Killing Time)
Chris Skowronski – Guitars (Killing Time)
Rob Sefcik – Drums (Electric Frankenstein, Begotten)
Ed Bocchino – Bass (Stanley)


The band’s full length release will have Sanford Parker as producer (Yob, Pelican, Nachtmystium), and will come out fall 2010. Stay tuned as a potential show may be also coming up at the Union Pool.

Check out Kings Destroy at their MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/kingsdestroynyc

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