Sh*t Talking & Sausage Making: Just Another Day at The Meat Hook

Local Polish kielbasa can’t be beat, but for a selection of fresh, unique artisanal sausages featuring recipes from all over the world, you should stop by The Meat Hook on the eastern edge of Greenpoint.

The Meat Hook is a sustainably focused, fully stocked butcher shop helmed by three incredibly talented butchers: Tom Mylan, Brent Young and Ben Turley. Just three fun, likable guys obsessed with meat, making sausages…and picking on each other.

Food. Curated. featured them in their local food video this week. Watch and see:

The Meat Hook is located on 100 Frost Street, under the BQE. Hope you head over this week and try something in their meat case! They carry beef, lamb, pork, chicken, poultry and rabbit from small, local farms.


  1. Rutila says:

    They also make kielbasa and provided me with a few sample rings to taste test with family. I don't know if they're doing more fine tuning, but the current recipe (version 3.0) can hold its own with Steve's and Nassau Meat Market.

  2. Eat It Brooklyn says:

    I tried some of their Cheeseburger sausages last weekend. They were incredible!

  3. SkeeterNYC says:

    So glad to hear you had good experiences! I'm dying to try their kielbasa.


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