I know, I know, I’m talking about running again, but its(unfortunately)become my life since marathon training began. In part of my planning for the big day, I will be participating in Get To The ‘Point, Greenpoint’s 5k run.

Interested runners (and walkers) should register by October 9th and mark race day, October 11th their calendars. Get To The Point is a 16 year tradition that is hosted annually by St. Stan’s Athletic League and the $15 registration fee goes to league’s sports programs. Registration is $20 the day of the 5k.

If you are worried about sticking it out, here are two things to remind yourself: a 5k is only 3.1 miles and you can always WALK. To the right is the course map to even further ease your mind.
And better yet, you don’t even have to get up early (most people won’t have to get up early) because the race starts at 1pm.

So get a group of friends, take your $15 that you would normally spend on brunch and use it to support our community. Its also great practice for marathoners to get familiar with running in big packs of people.

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  1. I just recently started incorporating tiny bits of running into my workout. This sounds like a great idea! I think I'll join you! Even at my regular walking pace, this would take under an hour, so why not! Thanks for the idea!

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