I had been hearing whispers about this bar for a while, but when I would walk past the rumoured space, saw nothing but the meat market and the Starbucks.

I started to wonder if it was just another piece of Greenpoint gossip. Friday night, however, I was pleasantly surprised to see Blackout opened officially with a bang, celebrating the release of Oakazine’s 3rd issue.

Though you can’t tell from the street, Blackout is actually a spacious affair with a stretched out bar and a accommodating backyard. I couldn’t stick around too long because it was getting late and marathon training was looming over my head, but I ordered a pint and chatted with one of the bartenders for a while who really friendly and excited about the new watering hole.

I’m looking forward to going back and having a more thorough experience, but in the meantime, I advise all curious Greenpointers to check it out.

916 Manhattan Ave
btwn Greenpoint and Kent


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  1. This bar will ensure that this formerly nice part of Greenpoint is like Bedford Ave. at 3am. Owned by the people who run the fashion label Oak, they pack the place with models and fashionistas from Manhattan on the weekends who scream endlessly in the street and engage in questionable 'encounters' on the side streets.

  2. Well I don't know how much worse they can manage considering that Europa seems to have that corner marketed on people screaming endlessly and the corner bums have their share of questionable encounters… somehow I doubt that Blakout will be the place that will beat out those two.

  3. dear anon @ 1:10:

    read your yelp review.. nice attempt at a smear campaign. "this formerly nice part of greenpoint"? i can only imagine that you're talking about starbucks, mcdonalds and club exit. great! enjoy those places that share the same block as this new bar. we'll all enjoy the cheap and super tasty drinks / good looking people and great music at blackout without you.

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