As promised, I said I would have more details about Jess Stover’s new salon, Adelaide, after I went in for my trim (Its been so long! But you know how summer vacay goes). I know there has been some info in the comments, but some people aren’t really comment readers, so I thought I would update my post.

Cuts run around $75, with bang trims being significantly less. If you groan at this price, I would advise you to reserve judgement until you’ve been there for a cut. I just went in to go from being a long hair to a short hair, which is generally a traumatic experience for anyone who is attached to their locks. Jess was not only really supportive of my endeavor, but she gave great constructive feedback and ta-da! I have a great short hair cut now.

Since my last post was sparse of info, here you go:

Adelaide Salon
349 Leonard St.
For appointments either call or email:

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