I got into the New York Marathon this year and I told myself I would get serious after the Fourth of July. I joined the New York Flyers which is a reasonably priced running club (membership dues are $25/year). The only problem is, all the runs are based out of Central Park – and as ambitious as I am, I’m not THAT ambitious. The most important day of training, the “Long Run,” is at 9am on Saturday mornings in the park! Thinking that I will make all of those runs is delusional.

So. I was wondering about Greenpoint. Is there a running group in Greenpoint? If so, is the group training for the marathon? And if there isn’t a running group in Greenpoint, are there any Greenpointers out there that are running the marathon that want to start a training group?

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  1. I am! I live and run in Greenpoint!

    North Brooklyn Runners is a great group. You can also find us on Facebook. This Saturday we are doing Williamsburg Walks. We'll be sponsoring an Injury Prevention Workshop (a must to make sure you run that marathon!) along with a sunset run. The Injury Prevention Workshop is at 4pm, and the run is at 7pm. We'll be out there throughout the day as well, collecting old running shoes for Shoes4Africa, tabling, hanging out.

    We also have a regular set of runs, including ones which meet at Cookie Road and ones which end at the Verb Cafe. Yes, we like to eat.

    Feel free to ask me if you have any more questions!

  2. I am also a runner living in Greenpoint–and wondered the same (are there other runners here and/or a group). Thank you to the above posters–didnt know about the North Brooklyn Group–going to attend this week!

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