Former Beehiver and Greenpoint resident, Jess Stover, is opening her own snip shop, Adelaide Salon. I have been a devotee for quite some time and it has become virtually impossible for me to let my guard down with any coiffeuse that isn’t her.

This is a way positive development because I think its slim pickings in the ‘point when it comes to places to get your ears lowered.

Adelaide officially opens on June 26th.

Adelaide Salon
349 Leonard St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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  1. Oooo – this is really good to know. The only place I would let touch my hair in Greenpoint is Zoe and I haven't even been there in years.

  2. Thank god there's finally a normal hair salon in Greenpoint! There's like a million of those "unisex" Polish salons with hair posters from twenty years ago, and I never understood why there weren't any, you know, places you'd actually go to.

  3. Anybody know anything about Parlour that just opened on Greenpoint Ave (between Franklin and West)? They were just in Time Out New York. I checked the prices and haircuts there are like $70 if you have short hair, $90 for long. How does that compare to your faves?

  4. this is pretty sparse info…i was brain dead all day. im going to check it out next week. details to follow.

  5. warning to those nearby: i just got the worst haircut of my life at the parlour brooklyn last week. i would only recommend going there to my worst enemies. i paid $110 for the cut, which seemed extremely overpriced for the neighborhood. i'm so happy adelaide is opening, we need a good, hopefully non-overpriced salon!!

  6. I recommend Mousey Brown on Bayard and Lorimer, next to the park. Good cuts/color and not as expensive as a lot of the places in the neighborhood.

  7. Hey guys, I just want you to know that I'd love for you to come and see the new salon. The best way to make appointments is by emailing or calling:

    [email protected]


  8. Jess is fantastic — she's cut my hair for a long time now, and I send everyone I know to her. Super happy she opened her own place, fantastic haircut and atmosphere. I live in Manhattan and go to Brooklyn for her awesome and haircuts and color.

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