Renegade Craft Fair was this weekend and if you didn’t get to check out the 300+ vendors set up around the track at McCarren then here’s a look into what you missed:

Dolan Geiman uses found materials to create these collage works tinted with nostalgia and rustic beauty. He’s got an overwhelming archive of prints, paintings and sculptures available on the website.

The curly haired dude manning this table was absolutely hysterical, a perfect pitched salesman resembling Jack Black. On my second round around the track he was sitting on a cheap lawn chair and rrrrrrrip it went along with his ass struggling to kiss the floor. He gave me a sticker for laughing my ass off. Their jewlery takes animals and weapons and keeps you adorned for your next camping trip.

I’ve seen these guys around in many craft fairs and love the sad and pathetic element to their small and rugged looks.

I first saw these drawings at last year’s fair and have been following him since. The bittersweet humor and sincerity in the message and illustration is heartwarming.


I didn’t see many clock makers at the fair and even if there were these guys would’ve out-cooled them all.

Funky hats by a funky crew of women behind the booth, I actually bought a straw hat from them studded with small gold balls. High rollin’.

These elephant-octopus morphed candle holders would go perfectly with every other marine themed household accessory in the fair such as the custom painted suitcase.

Jewelers shared the quirk in design selling ornaments that you just wouldn’t find in a conventional accessory store such as domestic kitchen tools, razor blades,
and swords. The rustic metallic finish seems to be popular amongst them all

The mustache has become a ubiquitous tool for the hip and cool and many at the fair took advantage of its ability to awe and aw.

Can’t possibly enter a craft fair and not be bombarded by cute crafts, dolls, stationary and the like.

Screenprinted, silkscreened, handdrawn stationary varied from sweet to vulgar to pure decorative.

There were many prints and posters available as well, many of them announcing shows, and others depicting the mysterious and romantic creatures of the sea.

Pottery and ceramic goods also ranged from elegant and regal to cartoonish cuteness.

There were t-shirts that taught arabic and condoned crude dog habits.

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