It seemed like just yesterday we were playing Name-That-Building and then the siding went up and even further speculation ensued. This weekend, Cup, Greenpoint’s newest coffee shop, finally arrived. Considered a “soft” opening, owners Bianca LeRoux and her husband Jeremy, a local fire fighter, realized they had everything they needed to starting serving coffee and opened their doors for business.

Yesterday I got a chance to catch up with Bianca and Autumn, who works at Cup as well and has been there every step of the way. The dream for Cup and its neighboring catering kitchen that has yet to open, came when Bianca’s husband, Jeremy, realized that the garage attached to the building he owned had commercial zoning and as a person who loves a good project, started to build.

Located on Norman Street between Lorimer and Manhattan, Cup is small and simple, almost like a drive-thru coffee stand that you might find in a mall parking lot. Don’t let this trick you, the intention of this little nook was to do one thing and do it well: Serve coffee. And that, they have managed to do. The LeRouxs are currently working with a local roaster, Kitten Coffee, based out of Bedstuy to develop their own coffee for the shop. Also local are their baked goods that are whipped up daily by the fellow Greenpointer who will be opening her catering business next door.

According to Autumn and Bianca, business has been steady since its Saturday opening and as a frequent passer-by, I am able to attest to that. At any point during the day you will find a potpourri of people looking for a caffeine fix inside the little green building. The place draws a non-demographic, something that Bianca says was somewhat intentional. Yesterday, a middle-aged man walked in and tasted his first shot of espresso, an experience the ladies think would be less likely in a trendier environment.

As for the green paint – that was more of a serendipitous decision. The LeRouxs knew they wanted something that would make Cup visible from Manhattan Avenue, but the hue itself came as an epiphany to Bianca one day while driving in her car. Initially a shock, the color has now grown on her but in my opinion, its just what the block needed.

Welcome to the neighborhood!


Norman Street (btw Lorimer and Manhattan)

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  1. Super boring name, but nice to have a coffee shop in the neighborhood. I just checked out Kitten Coffee, though, and it doesn't say anything about it being fair trade, direct trade or organic beans. That's too bad, considering Codie at Brooklyn Standard is trying to set 'the standard' for our hood with Stumptown. Thanks for the info on this new joint. Good luck to them!

  2. The "standard" for coffee in our neighborhood should not just be about fair trade and organic beans. Although both of those elements are something for which we should strive and observe when selecting where we chose to drink coffee, it should not go unmentioned that Kitten Coffee uses 100% Rainforest Alliance certified beans and has a zero carbon footprint as a Carbon Neutral business.

    Its important to give credit where credit is due.

  3. $3 for iced coffee is a lot, isn't it, for not being organic, free / direct trade…?

    I'll buy it just once to support their endeavor though. Good Luck.

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