In my old age I’ve become vain and paranoid. These manifest themselves in many different ways (like cutting out the 1 pound box of Cheeze-Its nights and being obsessively into step aerobics – to name a few)but one of my main weapons in metabolism warfare has been the (attempted) annihilation of beer from my diet.

I miss it a lot and to make things worse my boyfriend is a beer distributor and would probably brush his teeth with the frothy beverage if that was an acceptable practice. So yeah, you could say its a rift. Its not like the Grand Canyon of issues, but I do make us cross the street when we are passing Brouwerij Lane.

Now I’m sounding crazy, but the problem is – Brouwerij Lane is REALLY, really cool. It looks cool with its fire place and its endless taps and if you want to talk ambers and ales, the people working there will geek out with you for hours on the topic. Its like they live by the open door policy, where you can come in, mill around, chit chat – even lurk in the corners – and they are happy to have you. For someone like my boyfriend, it’s like a club house.

This Thursday, Brouwerij Lane (how do you pronounce that anyway?) is having a Coney Island Beer promo complete with a side show featuring The Human Blockhead and some women who swallows SWORDS – so, needless to say, I’ll be breaking my beer fast. Even though every day there is an open house, this one is also featuring Nathan’s hot dogs and Albino Python White Lager which is a tasty summer drink. If you need any more incentive than that, my boyfriend says that the girl who represents Coney Island Beer is really hot. So, I’ll see you there.

Coney Island Beer Promo and Side Show
Thursday May
Brouwerij Lane
78 Greenpoint Ave


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  1. “Brouwerij” is Dutch, which to beer drinkers brings to mind Belgium. It’s pronounced pretty much the same as “brewery,” although in Dutch the ‘ij’ (which is considered a single letter) is sort of a little closer to sounding like “eye” than to “ee.”

    If you just say “brewery” you’re close enough.

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