Pitchfork.tv is looking for interns – convenient for any young Greenpointers in need of a gig, as their offices are in our hood. Check it out:

You’ve spent countless hours gaping into its time-sucking abyss. You’ve marveled at the depth and variety of its archives. You’ve wondered how any mortal human could’ve come up with the awesome idea of taping Ponytail in a laundromat. Well, now it’s time for Pitchfork.tv to return the favor. That’s right, Pitchfork.tv is looking for summer interns. College students, that means you!

Pitchfork.tv’s offices are located in scenic Greenpoint, Brooklyn, conveniently close to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and several reasonably well-stocked bodegas. Ideal candidates will be available at least 10-15 hours a week and will be based in or near New York City. Check below for the intern jobs we’re trying to fill.“

So all you college kids that have shattered dreams of publishing – this could be you!

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  1. Any professional video editors who are fluent in Final Cut Studio (a $1,200 program) willing to work for absolutely nothing? Ok awesome just wondering thanks guys.

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