I’ve had my eye on this cool little window on Franklin between Kent and Java for a couple of weeks now and finally googled it the other day. The first hit I got was the new store’s Myspace page and I liked what I saw. Straight from their page:

“Grand Opening is May 1st 2009. Pentatonic is located at 139 Franklin St. Greenpoint Brooklyn. We specialize in vintage guitars and boutique tube amplifiers as well as repairs and touring management. We can sell your used musical equipment and related rock n’ roll items. In fact we will do consignment on anything associated with making music, including amps, synths, drums, pedals and even your old rocker T-shirts are welcome. Just ask us before you haul anything in to see if it’s a good fit for our store. Stop by and browse our inventory of rockin’ LPs, CD’s and cassettes and unique memorabilia.”

So this is great news. I know there has been a lot of discourse lately over what Greenpoint is missing. However, I prefer the term “still needs” to “missing” as I think “missing” implies a short-coming where “still needs” is indicative of a work in progress which is what our neighborhood is. With all our multiplying resident musicians and practice spaces near by, we have needed a good guitar shop and I look forward to browsing its aisles.

Pentatonic Guitars
139 Franklin St.

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