This space is right by my house and I have been taking pictures of its transition. This used to be a broken down four car garage located on Norman between Manhattan and Lorimer. There are a couple others like it, also on Norman but they continue to be broken down garages.

A commenter on my previous post about this space suggested it could be new apartments, but I don’t know if I agree with that. The bay windows that spill directly onto the trafficked sidewalk make me hypothesize that these could be new businesses. For some reason Cookie Road comes to mind because the spaces both appear to be very small and random; but I agree with the commenter, the siding and the windows make the building look suspiciously residential. Can you imagine your living room window being right on the street like that though?

One other thing I noticed (and you can barely see in the picture) is a string marking what looks like a proposed increase in the height of the building’s facade.

I am really keeping my fingers crossed for a good coffee shop. Living on the corner of Lorimer and Norman leaves me with some strange coffee options. I find myself waiting in line at the Five Leaves window for a pick-me-up until I can’t take it any longer and head to the Dunkin Donuts just a few steps away for a far less superior alternative. I want a Gimme Coffee satellite right by my house, I will hold out for one of those.

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  1. Rumor has is one will be a caterer with box lunches.. and the other, alas.. A COFFEE PLACE! Seems your fingers can uncross themselves.

    this comes from my cousin who lives around the corner.

  2. Better having a living room right on the street than your bedroom (I know from firsthand experience!)

    I have some shots of this from last summer somewhere, will have to go look for them. I don’t live near this, but I’m certainly around this area enough to vote for a good coffee place too!

  3. My buddy lives next door. Confirmed on the catering part but I don’t think they know what they are using the rest of the space for yet. May put in some tables.

    the ghost

  4. I heard a rumor that they will have a wide beer selection and growlers – like brouwerij lane. Hmmmm. so interesting.

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