Being frugal has become my new favorite past time and I want to share my most recent findings with you.

I miss sushi. New Penny-Pinching-Kea has been avoiding it like the plague, but last weekend I could no longer help myself and decided to hit up Sapporo Haru on the corner of Nassau and Manhattan Ave. This place is not the cheapest, but the freshness of the fish they use and the portion size has always made the extra bucks worth it for me.

Its sounds like I had fallen off the wagon, but I hadn’t because New-Penny-Pinching-Kea is clever too. Above pictured is the Sushi Love Boat for Two, which is $50.00, but will comfortably stuff four people. I should also mention here that Sapporo now serves free Sake with your meal, so for around $12.50/per person you can get a barge load of sushi, sashimi and rolls AND bottomless Sake, which is a broke-ass sushi lover’s most wildest of dreams fulfilled.

Sapporo Haru
622 Manhattan Ave
(718) 389-9712

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  1. I aggree Kea, Sapporo Haru is the best, reasonable, sushi in the nabe. Plus the people there are so nice, they even call my husband and I when they get things in they think we will like. Great personal service keeps us going back there.

  2. I am glad you mentioned the service, because I left that part out. Everyone that works there is really friendly and helpful.

    I can’t believe they call you! Thats so fantastic!

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