Greenpoint/Williamsburg band, Workout, is playing at 12am tonight at the Trash Bar. If you like Queen and if you like music to take you on a journey of dance then you will love this band and the five dollars will be worth it.

Also, for all you people following the Greenpoint Karaoke Quest…This is where Greenpoint and Williamsburg’s service industry turns into Elton John when the clock strikes one on Friday nights. Its a hike for us Greenpointers, but its worth it: You know when you find yourself dancing to Karaoke and feel ashamed because youre grinding to something that sounds nothing like Ginuwine’s “Pony“? Here such passion is embraced, I would even venture to say its encouraged. There are hundreds of songs to choose from and undoubtably you will impulsively select one with words you hardly know. No worries, the audience will help you. And if you feel tired from performing your rendition of “Whats Love Got To Do With it,” head to the front of the bar and get a free basket of piping hot tater tots. As someone who bares the scars of a drunken tot binge: Be sure to let them cool off for a few minutes or you will find yourself nursing a burned tongue come morning.

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