I agree with Justine. St. Patrick’s day is a little trite. That’s not to say I’m “over it” or anything like that. My middle name is McNally for heaven’s sake! Its my birthright to consume Guinness in large quantities on the 17th but oftentimes its hard to stomach the masses, the puke and the rowdiness; I usually save that energy for Marathon day, my favorite New York holiday.

There is a solution! For those of you who don’t want to do it this year, or would like to celebrate but not at Conelly’s or the Blarney Stone in midtown, head to Montauk the weekend of the 20th for the second biggest St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York state. The parade is on Sunday the 22nd and starts around noon. This works out well for all you city folk needing to get back on Monday morning as it leaves you plenty of time to hit city limits for a good night’s sleep.

I know what you’re thinking. I can hear a collective, “in this economy?!” as I type this. Take a deep breath. Places such as the Montauk Manor offer amazing winter rates. At the Manor, you can get a one bedroom suite that sleeps four people (and has a kitchen!) for $175 per night. Split that four ways and you roughly end up paying 45 dollars per person.

Don’t think your weekend will be limited to toddlers decked head to toe in green watching floats go by on their parent’s shoulders: take a break from the festivities and enjoy the beaches of Montauk Point State Park. Or if you are looking for some history, head over to Camp Hero and explore its mysterious bunkers once rumored to be the site of governmental time travel experiments (We have to go back!).

Keep in mind the days are getting longer and winter rates are turning into summer rates. This may be the perfect get away for you and your pocket book, not to mention you get to experience the chilly charm Montauk has to offer in it’s off-season…


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