Thank you anonymous for putting a little fire under my ass, to finally get around to what I think will be my ultimate legacy: The Greenpoint Karaoke Quest. Though I’m not an obsessive Karaoke fanatic like some people I know (sorry Dad!), I do find myself frequently wondering where I can sing a little Ace of Base on boring evenings at home. Something that really got me thinking was considering my Wednesday nights once LOST wraps. This is a big chunk of time that I know in my heart would be best spent singing House of the Rising Sun to an empty bar. But what empty bar?

And so the quest begins. I am on a mission to find a place in Greenpoint for each night of the week where I can sing Karaoke. Some people say this is impossible, and it makes me sad knowing such naysayers exist. I am developing criteria that I will use to rate each location and will give back to the community by fully reviewing each Karaoke venue.

I am open to any tipsters that know where to start. The Quest begins next week. Its going to be long and hard, like cleaning a bathroom, but bravery will prevail.

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  1. thank you all for your help! im writing this all down and maybe one day we can have a karaoke contest or something!

    the trash bar is a great place for karaoke, but i feel like ive kind of OD’d on that place. and especially since bathing suit season is right around the corner, i need to limit my nights of bottomless tots (another trash bar perk).

    keep the advice coming!

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