Just kidding. But I do have some questions about this space. This little building is on Norman between Lorimer and Manhattan. It used to be the world’s smallest garage. One time I saw a Jeep pull into it, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Now it looks like its going to be two little shops maybe? Its hard to tell from this picture, but each unit has a bay window. Its really, a very cute set up. If I could wish on these two new spaces, I would wish for a Curves Gym and another Dunkin Donuts. But I would also be happy with a Papa John’s and a mini Rite Aid.

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  1. really? chain stores?

    my wishes are for a little classy espresso bar, and a specialty tea shop. they would be super cute next to each other and serve similar functions.

    or, a bakery!

  2. I don’t know if the Dunkin Donuts comment was a joke but it should be because Peter Pan is around the corner with crazy fantastic donuts.

    I’d like the neighborhood to get a decent restaurant that could be a good place to bring a date.

  3. my girlfriend lives right across the street from this. the top of it is some guy’s garden. the front looks now to be two potential “apartments” maybe.

  4. I went past this the other day. I bet it will be apartments. Everyone is looking for more income these days. Even if it means turning a tiny garage into a living space. I hope it’s properly insulated!

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