I know Greenpointers that love LOST need no warning that the two hour premier of season 5 is tomorrow night on ABC at 9pm.

I personally have been counting down since the tear jerking finale of season 4 in 2008. I found myself watching re-runs of Lipstick Jungle once LOST had wrapped and then slowly, no TV at all. Just to give you an idea of the type of LOST fanatic I am, I dressed up as Kate for the season 4 premier. I even put fake ‘dirt’ on my face (hot chocolate powder) and added freckles to my cheeks in order to be real to the character. Here is a picture to prove it. I have my roommate’s emergency radio as an accessory. And yes, those are wind pants.

Tonight, I won’t be able to sleep. I will toss and turn thinking about Desmond and Penny, the smoke monster and Jin lost somewhere on that blow up raft. Tomorrow I wont be able to focus at work. No status reports will go out. Its truly been a long, dark winter without you my pet.

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