Here’s an email I received from Rick Atson last week. This is an opportunity to help a good cause right here in your neighborhood. So many of you are looking for the next thing to save and support but here is something that you can give to and see immediate results. See immediate change.

Ok I know some of you are tired of hearing about my sports program that I run to help out the kids in my area. After being around 50 years it has finally started falling apart.

Right NOW our main priority is the roof. It leaks badly. Very badly. It has for years, and we have had no repairs. Each time it rains we have to cancel our games or whatever we are doing in the gym. With the snow coming you can only imagine what will happen.

We have had several companies come in and give us prices. The lowest is $3,500 which we have about $300 towards that. We just started our new season with 160 kids and we don’t want to have to tell them we are canceling each time it rains or snows.

We are also aware of the economy being slow but we are in need of keeping our gym open for the kids in our community and the others who come to visit. So once again we are asking if you or anyone can donate whatever you can. If you cannot please forward this to whoever you know. You never know who may want to help out.

If you are looking to make a big donation we have a tax id for our non profit and we have a 501(3) c for any big companies you may know that want to donate. We still need many other things for our program but right now the roof is priority one. We have a PayPal donate button on our site which is fully secure or you can email or call for a check donation. ALL MONEY GOES TO THE PROGRAM.


On Point Cyclones Basketball | “Where Kids Come First”

Rick Atson
Fundraising Chairman

If you or anyone you know can help out, please do so. Ask your friends, ask your family, ask your boss.

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