Last weekend there was a fundraising event at St. Cecilia’s for the On-Point Cyclones basketball team which I’ve been mentioning here a lot since I was told about their desperate need for donations to keep the team’s practice space.

Since then the kids have been featured on Help me Howard and have received donations, but as you know in this hard economic time there’s never enough.

Right now, Rick is looking for someone to donate their time and expertise. The Gym’s roof needs fixing and they can’t afford it. Now we all know there are a lot of good, hardworking Greenpointers out there that probably have the skills to help out with this, so let’s get to it!

Hello, My name is Rick and I am in charge of fundraising for a non-profit sports program. We are in desperate need of our roof being fixed as we have to cancel games and anything going on each time it rains, and with the snow coming it will only get worse! Here is the deal:

We are On Point Cyclones basketball league. In the gym we have over 200 kids that play ball with us and we went undefeated in our 10 year olds last season. We are just about to start our season the weekend of November 2nd or 3rd, but our roof leaks. Not the whole roof, we are told the corners need to be built up because the water settles there. We have gotten prices that we cannot afford since we survive on donations and cannot afford a lot.

What we can offer is a banner of yours to go in our gym where over 200 families come each weekend to watch their kids play and a tax deduction that you donated the service. We are a legal non profit, and will supply a tax id for you.

So if anyone has it in their heart to give back to the community and has any experience in roofing or can donate a day to come down and fix it we would greatly appreciate it.

We have been featured on Channel 11 News at 10pm with Help Me Howard, but our roof is priority one now!

You can contact me directly at 347-723-4886.

Even if you aren’t a handyman (or woman) you can help the team out with a donation through PayPal on the On-Point Cyclones site here. Any and all donations are appreciated greatly!

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