I know that some of us Greenpointers are runners. I’m a runner and I frequently see fellow runners plugging along down Franklin, taking gulps of stinky air, making their ways to either the bridge or the track. But lets be honest. Running in Greenpoint isn’t easy. Heavy air aside, there are also the random piles of dog poo to hurdle, sidewalk diners to dodge and delicious bars to distract. Sometimes lacing up the old Sauconies for the fitness odyssey that is a jog in our hood can seem taxing to say the least.

But on October 12th, we Greenpoint runners will need to get off our asses for a good cause and run in the Get To The ‘Point 5K Run. This run is actually good for a few of reasons. Along with raising money for St. Stan’s Athletic League – its only $15 bucks to register ($20 if you choose to put off registration until the day of the race) AND the run is at 1pm! Usually these kind of events are held early in the morning which has never really fit into my weekend coma-like sleep schedule.

Last year’s winner finished the dash in 15:24 – the amount of time it will probably take for you to decide whether or not you want to run the race. I’m signing up and I advise you to sign up – all Greenpointers deserve a Michael Phelps moment!

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