When I saw my neighbor break out the ladder and the paint on my corner last year, I have to admit I was EXTREMELY apprehensive about what was to follow. He had a small team of calloused-looking guys, so I knew they were taking this “project” rather seriously. Little did I know, that this “project” would turn out to be “Five Leaves.”

Great, I thought at first. There goes the freedom to walk bra-less in Danskos to rent rom-coms at Film Noir. (none of that last sentence was a joke or an exaggeration).

Until I finally ate there – now I am ready to share my corner with the cutest, coziest, classiest nook I have visited in a long time. The ambiance was warm and buzzing and the staff I encountered were extremely helpful and excited – which I found to be contagious. I recommend the Five Leaves burger, which has the surprise of a pineapple ring in the patty and is topped with beets – a dish that was particularly juicy and off the beaten path. I can’t help but make the prediction that this is a place where I will be drinking LOTS of wine this winter.

And do me a favor: when you go for your first tasting, you need to find Judd, Five Leaves’ owner, and shake his hand. He has worked extremely hard on the restaurant and around a lot of obstacles. This man is truly the king of NaBedLo Triangle, and though a full restaurant makes him happy, getting to know his neighbors makes him happiest.

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  1. BF and I went on Sunday. We shared a meat plate and the homemade ricotta. YUM. And then we both had Hangar steaks, a little tough but tasty. On the whole, a great experience. The service was a little slow and the price on the high side for our humble hood but a quick walk down the street!

  2. youre in luck! they actually were closed yesterday and will be again today in order to fix the ‘heat and stink’ problem…i guess the hood over the stove wasnt working properly, so they are having a new one installed so we wont have to smell like grass fed cows when we leave…

  3. yay! noticed that the gates were closed the other night, that mush have been it. I thought they would figure it out – just normal opening day bumps.

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